<h2>Third-Party Integrations</h2>

Third-Party Integrations

Turn offers seamless integrations with Fountain, Greenhouse and Lever among others. Turn integrates quickly with minimal technical support required. Turn’s open API enables seamless integration with talent acquisition and HCM platforms. Learn More

<h2> Customizable Workflows</h2>

Customizable Workflows

Turn automates and streamlines workflows that simplify employee hiring — from sourcing through screening, hiring and onboarding. Learn More

<h2>End-to-End Support</h2>

End-to-End Support

Operate with confidence because Turn integrations and configurations are supported by a team of data analysts, engineers and your dedicated account representative. Learn More

Turn provides the tools to integrate best-of-class sourcing and screening technology into existing Talent Acquisition platforms and customizes hiring into a single, simple workflow.

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

Turn Integrates with Popular Hiring Software

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