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Streamline your candidate background checks with unparalleled efficiency and simplicity through Turn’s integration with Lever!

When measured against other solutions, Turn’s unwavering dedication to simplifying background checks shines through:

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Lever integration features include

Embedded Consent Form:

Simplify applications with Turn's native consent form integrated into Fountain's Applicant Portal.

Stored Candidates:

Delay background checks until the right conditions are met, like interviews or document collection.

MVR-First Sequencing:

Prioritize Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks and flag "Consider" status for failed checks.

Group Candidates:

Streamline tracking with various status options for organized candidate management.

Effortlessly Manage your Background Checks

Let us handle the process for you. Here’s how our automation works:
Tag Opportunities
  • Navigate to the specific pipeline stage where you want to process background checks.

  • For each opportunity in this stage, you will need to apply the relevant tags to identify your desired background check package.
Process Candidates with Turn
Once your candidates enter a pre-defined trigger stage in a tagged opportunity, the background check process will automatically initiate.
Review the Results
  • During processing, Turn will pass the status of each background check to a candidate in the form of a tag. At the end, if there are charges within the report, the status tag will be #consider; if no charges, then #approved.

  • When available, Turn will pass the URL of the background check report to the Notes field of the relevant candidate.

Experience the Power of Integration: Turn + Lever

Enhance your hiring process, boost efficiency, and make confident decisions with Turn’s fully-automated background check integration with Lever. Turn stands out as the superior, faster, and more cost-effective FCRA-compliant identity screening solution for businesses engaging hourly workers.

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