Preferred Integrations

At Turn, we understand that integrating with your ATS and/or HRIS is essential for you, your employees, your candidates, and your overall business efficiency. That’s why we partner with leading ATS and HRIS providers to make integration simple and seamless. 

See how Turn integrates with your ATS platform:

Integrate turn INto your current workflow

API-driven automated background check flow

Turn provides a robust variety of ways to integrate with our background check service. Any of these can be chosen depending on a partner’s specific requirements. 

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Turn offers robust ATS integrations that allow background checks (and adverse action) statuses to be sent to the ATS that can be used to automate the onboarding process alongside the ATS's core functionality.

End-to-end background check API

This series of endpoints can be used for customers that want full control over the user experience of the background check. For example directly integrating into a mobile app, or a purpose built web flow.

Asynchronous Check API

Allows customers to initiate a background check programmatically, providing information about the candidate.

Check Sequencing

Turn allows checks to be sequenced for cost savings and further automation.

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