Continuous checks

Detect driver incidents earlier with Continuous MVR

By enrolling in Continuous MVR, Turn will continuously monitor your workforce for speeding tickets, license suspensions, and DUIs, reducing reliance on self-reporting and annual MVR pulls. This proactive approach identifies incidents months earlier, enhancing customer safety, mitigating risks, and lowering insurance expenses.

How does Driver Monitoring work?

Activate Driver Monitoring

With Turn’s new front-end Driver Monitoring self-service features you can now see enrollment statuses directly in the worker profile, and you can enroll new Drivers with the click of a button.

Change is detected

As Turn is alerted of activity, we automatically kick off the necessary rechecks to provide you with an updated, actionable report per FCRA guidelines. You’ll then have a chance to review the updated reports directly in the applicant’s profile and if verified alerts are found disqualifying, initiate the proper Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action process.

Easily see candidates enrolled to Continuous MVR

And lastly, enrolled and unenrolled Drivers will have badges on the Screen multi-candidate view.

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