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Screening your candidates has never been easier with the new Turn + Rippling integration.

When compared to Checkr, our commitment to excellence shines through. You can book a demo with our experts for free!

Turn is trusted by some of the fastest growing high-volume employers:

Fountain integration features include

Embedded Consent Form:

Simplify applications with Turn's native consent form integrated into Fountain's Applicant Portal.

Stored Candidates:

Delay background checks until the right conditions are met, like interviews or document collection.

MVR-First Sequencing:

Prioritize Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks and flag "Consider" status for failed checks.

Group Candidates:

Streamline tracking with various status options for organized candidate management.

Background check your workers in just a few minutes

Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth experience:

Run the background check with Turn

Begin by accessing the menu in Rippling and click on the “Hire” option. Now select “Run Background Check” and choose Turn Technologies.

Select the applicable group

Identify the specific candidate or department for which you’re initiating the background check and insert the details then hit “Save.”

Email notification and consent process

Now Turn takes charge. An automated email is sent to the candidate’s registered email, guiding them to provide information and grant consent.

Tracking progress with Turn status

You’ll monitor progress effortlessly. The “turn_status” field updates dynamically in the employee section on Rippling. “Emailed” status confirms the successful candidate email.

Experience the Power of Integration: Turn + Rippling

Elevate your hiring process, enhance efficiency, and ensure confident decisions with Turn’s cutting-edge background check integration with Rippling.

Book a live demo now and witness firsthand how Turn can transform your background screening process.