Navigating Compliance Risks: The Importance of Rechecks and Continuous Monitoring

Let’s consider the story of "Company X", in the logistics industry, which faced significant compliance and reputational challenges. Company X prided itself on thorough initial background checks during the hiring process but, like many organizations, failed to implement a system for periodic reevaluations of its workforce's compliance status.

Knowing Where The Risks Lay: Half The Battle

This oversight became apparent when an incident involving a long-term employee, came to light. Despite having a clean record at the time of hiring, this employee was later involved in activities that violated Company X’s policies and potentially posed risks to its operations and reputation. The lack of a mechanism to check the background of its employees on an ongoing basis prevented “Company X” from taking any action until it was too late.

This situation is not unique to “Company X”; it serves as a stark reminder of the compliance gaps in many companies’ strategies. The absence of periodic rechecks of employees can lead to significant risks, and harm a company’s reputation, as well as impinge on customer safety.

However, criminal events occurring after the hiring process represent only part of the risk, as updates to court records may reveal previously unreportable information due to incomplete data points required by regulations (e.g. disposition). This means that old records could surface in new reports post-hiring, highlighting the importance of keeping track of changes to the public record to guard against unforeseen compliance risks.

Bridging the Gap: Turn’s Tools

In response to these challenges, Turn Technologies has developed a robust framework for companies to enhance their workforce screening capacities. Our native Re-checks solution allows our Partners to implement Periodic Recheck policies by just clicking on a single button within the active worker’s profile. This approach ensures compliance with both federal and local regulations, especially in states where a new consent is required for each background check that is produced.

On the other hand, we have introduced a dynamic process that goes beyond the one-off single check by automating re-checks based on the Continuous Monitoring approach. This is an innovative process that balances compliance obligations with regulatory standards and companies’ concerns in receiving updated information regarding their workforce. Turn monitors courts and DMVs for any indication of bookings or changes on the records and then triggers a county search to the identified jurisdictions to determine whether there is any reportable event. In case the event is reportable a new background check will be delivered.

Key Advantages of the Native Rechecks Function

  • Simplicity: Effortlessly conduct background checks, designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations.
  • Compliance: Our process adheres to FCRA standards, ensuring your processes are compliant with both local and federal regulations.
  • Efficiency: Frees up valuable time and resources, enabling you to concentrate on your core mission.

Key Advantages of Continuous Monitoring

  • Dynamic Data Management: Keeps your compliance strategy aligned with real-time data, guaranteeing informed decisions and updated policies.
  • Compliance: Our process follows all relevant regulations to produce reports based only on information that is allowed by federal and local legislation.
  • Reputational Resilience: Promptly addresses changes, safeguarding your company from reputational risks tied to recruitment and compliance.
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Turn’s Blog does not provide legal advice, guidance, or counsel. Companies should consult their own legal counsel to address their compliance responsibilities under the FCRA and applicable state and local laws. Turn explicitly disclaims any warranties or assumes responsibility for damages associated with or arising out of the provided information.

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