Does a Background Check Expire? Rescreening in the Hiring Process

Background checks are an essential part of hiring workers, ensuring that employers make informed decisions during the pre-employment stage. However, the significance of background checks continues after the initial screening. To address the ongoing trust and safety concerns of employers, post-hire screening solutions are becoming increasingly important.

Importance of Post-Hire Screening Solutions

As a startling statistic reveals, one in five workers will have some type of criminal infraction over a five-year period. And, for those involved in vehicle maneuvering, there is a 40% increased likelihood of employees being involved in an accident within one year of a driving violation.

Traditional background checks have limitations due to their static nature. This visibility gap can be addressed through timely rescreening of employees (Turn recommends rescreening active workers 1-4 times per year or monitoring their criminal and/or driving records in real-time) to ensure they continue to meet the company’s standards throughout their employment.

Post-Hire Screening Solutions

Turn offers two types of ongoing screening solutions to address this issue:

  • Rechecks
    This pay-as-you-go, self-service feature empowers employers to reprocess an individual’s background check, ensuring access to the most current information about their workers.
  • Continuous Criminal and Driver Monitoring
    This subscription-based feature automates the recheck process by monitoring real-time booking events for enrolled workers. When a booking event is detected, Turn initiates the recheck process and delivers a refreshed and legally actionable report to both the employer and employee.

Turn’s Rechecks and Continuous Monitoring offer unprecedented transparency, allowing organizations to stay informed about their workers’ behavior and enhance their safety standards.

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