Talent Leaders and Hiring Managers Trust Turn

We understand the demands on your shoulders: hire the best people, make sure they’re safe and capable before joining your team, and move through this process swiftly and smoothly. Our solutions do it all.

<h3>A Thorough Screening Process</h3>

A Thorough Screening Process

Our approach to screening includes a comprehensive check of your candidate’s criminal and employment backgrounds, motor vehicle records (MVR), and clearance for required drug testing. We do everything as quickly and effectively as courts allow, expediting hiring demands of every size.
<h3>Reporting + Dashboard Access</h3>

Reporting + Dashboard Access

You’ll have all the controls you need to make adjudication and hiring decisions based on screening reports in your hiring dashboard. You’ll have full access to reports the moment they’re available, with tools to help automate your candidate process.
<h3>Help, Whenever You Need Us</h3>

Help, Whenever You Need Us

Because you’re busy interviewing, making decisions, and growing teams, we don’t just make ourselves available to you for questions, we actively expect and encourage you to reach out to us. We provide adjudication support and expeditious reporting wherever we can.

Four Reasons to Outsource Screenings to Turn

Background screening is an assurance that your candidate is a qualified, safe, smart hire. Because you’re dealing with private or sensitive information and personal data, you’ll want a partner who is:
<h3>Ethical + Conscious of Hiring Biases</h3>

Ethical + Conscious of Hiring Biases

<h3>Focused on Safety + Transparency</h3>

Focused on Safety + Transparency

<h3>Fast and Thorough in All Communication</h3>

Fast and Thorough in All Communication

<h3>Passionate About Equity and Efficiency in the Hiring Process</h3>

Passionate About Equity and Efficiency in the Hiring Process

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