Turn Revolutionizes High-Volume Hiring

Companies that fuel their growth through hourly high-volume hiring are forced to rely on costly, disconnected brick and mortar solutions that erode profitability.

<h3>Eliminate the Tech Headache</h3>

Eliminate the Tech Headache

Companies that hire thousands of people across dozens of locations require 100s of technology solutions and recruiting services that require large staffs to manage. Turn eliminates this headache through a single solution that scales up and down as you need it to.
<h3>Decrease Costs by 81%</h3>

Decrease Costs by 81%

High-volume hiring organizations, on average, spend $1,200 to hire a single person. Turn’s partners have reduced their recruiting costs by 81% through our ability to eliminate hiring inefficiencies and use of AI to make constant, real-time recruitment channel cost improvements.
<h3>Decrease Time to Work by 73%</h3>

Decrease Time to Work by 73%

High volume hiring organizations, on average, take 25 days to fill a position and are only able to retain people for 22.5 days. Turn’s partners have been able to reduce time to work to less than 5-days through Turn’s expansive candidate database, AI-driven marketing, single screening solution, and verticalization of all recruiting channels.

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Explore Your Options for High-Volume Hiring

Individually target and engage with millions of potential workers that fit your unique needs using their preferred channels. This focus reduces cost and builds trust with potential hires.
Turn further reduces your cost and spend by embedding screening, such as criminal checks and predicted retention, at strategic points within the recruiting process.

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