Health Care Recruitment: Selective Hiring for a Sensitive Industry

The responsibility to hire nurses, doctors and other health care professionals comes with pride — and with immense challenges too. At Turn, we understand the nuances of your industry and the perils of hiring safe, reliable people at scale. Here’s how we can help:

Comprehensive Employee Screenings
Comprehensive Employee Screenings
We rely on a combination of advanced AI technology, valued partnerships with essential institutions and a dedicated team to perform the world’s most thorough background screening. When hiring health care workers, you’ll feel completely informed about who they are and what they have done.
Drug Testing
Drug Testing
Don’t wait forever to find out if a favored candidate is a fit. In health care, perhaps more than most industries, proof of substance abuse is a danger and detriment to the candidate and your organization. Our drug screening promises a fast turnaround time.
Employment Verification
Employment Verification
To protect your patients and caregivers against the hazards of hiring an ill-equipped employee, work with Turn. We can ensure that each candidate is properly licensed and credentialed as required by your organization and governing bodies, as well as verify their past employment and conduct.

Turn Integrates with the Hiring Tools You’re Already Using!

Four Reasons to Choose a Modern Screening Partner

Background screening is an assurance that your candidate is a qualified, safe, smart hire. Because you’re dealing with private or sensitive information and personal data, you’ll want a partner who is:
<h3>Ethical + Conscious of Bias</h3>

Ethical + Conscious of Bias

<h3>Focused on Safety + Transparency</h3>

Focused on Safety + Transparency

<h3>Fast and Thorough in Reporting</h3>

Fast and Thorough in Reporting

<h3>Available to Help</h3>

Available to Help

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