Turn Transformed Hiring for Bite Squad and Waitr

Our approach gives our customers more flexibility, transparency and control during the hiring process, while shortening the time it takes to hire and onboard new employees.

Superior Screening in Less Time

After using a “clunky, unhelpful” vendor for Screenings, the teams at Bite Squad and Waitr were looking for a partner who could speed up hiring, increase retention of talent, all without losing the depth and quality of the background check and motor vehicle records reviews.

Superior Screening in Less Time

Turn Transformed Hiring at BiteSquad + Waitr, with:

<h3>High-touch Customer service and Support</h3>

High-touch Customer service and Support

<h3>Preference-setting and Advanced Adjudication</h3>

Preference-setting and Advanced Adjudication

<h3>Detailed MVR and Background Check process</h3>

Detailed MVR and Background Check process

<h3>Automated Platform and Digital controls</h3>

Automated Platform and Digital controls

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