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Advise: Talent Acquisition Reimagined Through Autonomous Hiring

Advise is the autonomous always-on concierge service for all your top-of-the-funnel recruitment marketing and sourcing needs.
No Integrations. No downtime.
Just targeted recommendations to hire engaged and qualified candidates fast, within cost, and without lifting a finger.
So all you have to do is upload a job, sit back, and expect:

Autonomous Recruitment Marketing and Sourcing

Receive fully autonomous channel marketing and performance monitoring for services to handle all of your top-of-funnel needs, ending expensive post-and-pray job advertising.
Autonomous Recruitment Marketing and Sourcing

Candidate Identification

Acquire, at the street level, ideal candidates who have the highest probability of accepting your open positions and learn how best to engage with them.
Candidate Identification

Autonomous Funnel Management

Know exactly when your position will be filled, how much it will cost, and when to ramp up or turn off the funnel.

Position Analysis

Understand how your open positions will perform in their given markets and how to improve ad-to-fill conversions.
Position Analysis

Wage, Location, & Channel Recommendations

Deploy data-driven recommendations on what wages to offer per location and per job to enable a high likelihood of a successful hire.
Wage, Location, & Channel Recommendations

Compensation Benchmarks & Competitive Comparisons

See where you rank for any selected position or market against the competition on benchmarks such as salary and similar positions for markets in which the company is hiring.
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Case Study

In a head-to-head comparison, a Turn customer tested us against the leading job board. Over a 5-day window, Turn delivered 20 hires at a cost of $21.97 per hire versus the competitor’s 1 hire at a cost of $353.90. Turn’s targeting ensured that candidates presented to the employer were qualified with a 1:1 background check-to-hire ratio versus 4:1 presented by the job board.

Advise Does All The Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have To


Jobs Analyzed For Performance and Trends


Profiles in Our Candidate Database


Companies Monitored for Hiring Practices


Job Advertisers Daily Performance Monitoring

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