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Turn reduces the most time-consuming and expensive parts of your hiring process. This allows you to hire workers when you need them and utilize your valuable money in other areas of your business.

Compliant & Secure

Turn’s unparalleled compliance and security ensures that you can focus on running your business. Our platform is SOC-2 compliant, uses military grade data encryption, handles all adverse actions for you, and works with independent auditors to verify our processes are fully compliant.

Screening is not Background Checks

Before conducting a background check, Turn’s comprehensive end-to-end screening ensures that only the most qualified candidates qualify for it. Our AI-driven platform allows you to knock out candidates based on screener questions and job simulations, and ensures candidates fit your work environment by predicting their tendencies.

Screening tailored to your industry

Whether it’s delivering or caregiving, safety is paramount for your customers and team. Don’t leave things to chance with a generic background check.
<h3>SSN Trace</h3>

SSN Trace

<h3>Address History</h3>

Address History

<h3>National Criminal Records</h3>

National Criminal Records

<h3>Sex Offender</h3>

Sex Offender

<h3>Global Watchlist Check</h3>

Global Watchlist Check

<h3>FCRA Disclosure Tracking</h3>

FCRA Disclosure Tracking

<h3>Current Criminal County</h3>

Current Criminal County

<h3>6-Panel Drug Test</h3>

6-Panel Drug Test

Days to Complete a Background Check


Job Specific Screener Questions


Points Analyzed to Predict a Candidates Fit

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