Hire Faster, While Keeping Costs in Check

Turn reduces the most time-consuming and expensive parts of your hiring process. This allows you to hire workers when you need them and utilize your valuable money in other areas of your business.

Compliant & Secure

Turn’s unparalleled compliance and security ensures that you can focus on running your business. Our platform is SOC-2 compliant, uses military grade data encryption, handles all adverse actions for you, and works with independent auditors to verify our processes are fully compliant.

Screening is not Background Checks

Before conducting a background check, Turn’s comprehensive end-to-end screening ensures that only the most qualified candidates qualify for it. Our AI-driven platform allows you to knock out candidates based on screener questions and job simulations, and ensures candidates fit your work environment by predicting their tendencies.

A Solid Foundation for Your Screening Program

Turn’s tailored screening packages build upon our basic background check. Know who your candidate really is before spending time and money on specifics.
<h3>SSN Trace</h3>

SSN Trace

<h3>Address History</h3>

Address History

<h3>National Criminal Records</h3>

National Criminal Records

<h3>Sex Offender</h3>

Sex Offender

<h3>Global Watchlist Check</h3>

Global Watchlist Check

<h3>FCRA Disclosure Tracking</h3>

FCRA Disclosure Tracking

Days to Complete a Background Check


Job Specific Screener Questions


Points Analyzed to Predict a Candidates Fit

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