Dig Deep and Double-Check Employment History

With such a competitive job market and high rate of turnover, your company needs to be as confident as possible about each new hire.

Global and Local Employment Verification

When a candidate’s resume looks fantastic and that person appears to be a great fit for the role, there’s still always a lingering question: What if it’s not true? We’ll make you confident in your choice by verifying the last three roles your candidate held, regardless of location or elapsed time.

Global and Local Employment Verification

Cut Down on Fraud; Hire a Safe and Capable Workforce

We’ll do more than just match your candidates’ resume to their actual, verifiable work history. Our standard employment verification technology validates your applicants in detail. We also include:
<h3>Credit Checks</h3>

Credit Checks

<h3>FACIS Check for Health Care Workers </h3>

FACIS Check for Health Care Workers

<h3>Professional Reference Checks</h3>

Professional Reference Checks

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