Multi-Level Education + Credential Verification Starts Here

From diplomas and GEDs to advanced degrees and specific credentials, our technology scours every database, and our team digs deeper, ensuring every employee is educated as required.
<h3>Confirm Diploma or GED Status</h3>

Confirm Diploma or GED Status

<h3>Confirm Degree Completion</h3>

Confirm Degree Completion

<h3>Check Credentials are Active and Updated</h3>

Check Credentials are Active and Updated

<h3>Verify Ongoing Professional Education</h3>

Verify Ongoing Professional Education

When (and Why) Education Verification Matters

<h3>Education Verification Keeps You Compliant</h3>

Education Verification Keeps You Compliant

When you’re sure that all of your employees have the proper credentials, you mitigate the risk that you’ll be held accountable for any form of fraud and prevent malpractice or negligence lawsuits.
<h3>Education Verification Affirms the Best Candidates</h3>

Education Verification Affirms the Best Candidates

Prevent hiring someone who isn’t fit for the role and thereby losing out on the talented candidates who would have been qualified. Hire right the first time.
<h3>Education Verification Scaffolds Your Reputation</h3>

Education Verification Scaffolds Your Reputation

When you’re confident that your entire team has the right level of education or is credentialed per the highest industry standard, you build a reputation for capability.

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