Turn Pre-Employment Criminal Record Screening Includes:

Meticulous and Widespread Review
Meticulous and Widespread Review
Our AI-driven technology and all-hands style of support work together to ensure we never miss an infraction or blip on the radar.
FCRA Compliance
FCRA Compliance
We include FCRA-compliant reports that are backed by an industry-leading compliance team at Turn.
Advanced Adjudication Support
Advanced Adjudication Support
As a stronghold against hiring bias and to support the speed and flexibility of your hiring process, we offer advanced preference-setting and manual adjudications support to Turn customers.

A Full-Coverage Criminal Records Search with Turn

Hiring a new worker can be stressful. You want to make sure you hire someone who is qualified and who won't put your company at risk.
With Turn’s criminal background check, you can rest easy knowing that we've got you covered. You can feel secure in hiring and dispatching your new driver, caretaker, or worker.
You'll also have peace of mind knowing that our checks are accurate and fair—and if anything does come back in the report, we'll be there to help you adjudicate.

We include:

<h3>Global Watchlists + Restrictions</h3>

Global Watchlists + Restrictions

<h3>Traffic + Road Violations Review</h3>

Traffic + Road Violations Review

<h3>Local, State and National Criminal Records Search</h3>

Local, State and National Criminal Records Search

<h3>Sex Offender Registry Review</h3>

Sex Offender Registry Review

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